Ideas + Inspiration

Make It. Do It. Create It Yourself.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got plenty of ideas for how you can use your BLACK+DECKER® tools to put that personal touch on your home. Our how-to guides are simple to follow with the freedom to put your own spin on things. So get creating – the only limit is your imagination.

Latest Articles

  • Puzzle Me This - With a Homemade Jigsaw

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Complete this family-friendly project - DIY wooden jigsaw puzzle.

  • Create a Stunning Snowflake

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Add a little Winter magic to your mantelpiece with this elegant wooden snowflake.

  • Relax and Have a Seat

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Enjoy your garden this summer with a homemade timber bench.

  • Rudolph the Wooden Reindeer

    Skill Level: Experienced

    Create a festive addition to your Christmas decorations with this fun wooden reindeer.

  • A Bold and Bright Mirror

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Turn your old mirror into a colourful wall feature.

Important Safety Information

Safety comes first when undertaking any kind of DIY project. You should take all precautions to avoid harm or injury, and as such BLACK+DECKER® recommends the use of personal protective equipment when completing these tutorials, including; safety gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask, where required. To reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage please read and follow all related product manufacturer instruction manuals and information, before performing any of the applications shown. BLACK+DECKER® is not responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons as a result of a failure to use the information provided with reasonable skill and care.