Submit Your Idea

BLACK+DECKER®'s External Submission Procedure

Thank you for your interest regarding our evaluation procedure for externally submitted suggestions. As a company we are, in principle, very happy to evaluate ideas against our specific business requirements, subject to the following conditions:

  • The idea must be novel.
  • The idea must be protected by a patent or be provisionally protected by a patent application.
  • The idea must be relevant to our core businesses.
  • The idea must eventually be economically viable from a manufacturing and marketing perspective.
  • The idea must in our opinion satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • We will only consider your proposal in open, that is non-confidential circumstances.
  • The idea must be submitted through our online submission system – we are no longer accepting ideas through a postal address.

As stated above, we will only consider ideas for which a patent has been applied. This, in our opinion, is the best way of ensuring that your intellectual property is afforded the utmost protection possible. If you have not yet applied for a patent in respect of your idea we would suggest that you contact your national Patent Office or the European Patent Office. Information about these may be found at the Australian Patent Office web-site:

This procedure is to safeguard your rights by preventing you from making a ’public disclosure’ of your idea prior to seeking protection.

The decision to apply for a patent rests entirely with you and you should be aware that there is no guarantee either expressed or implied that Stanley Black & Decker will have any interest in your submission.

If you choose to apply for a Patent, we welcome you to come back to this site and submit your idea online once you have received a filing receipt from the Patent Office. Our online idea submission process will allow you to provide all the necessary information needed for us to conduct the initial review on a non-confidential basis. You will also be able to upload electronic information such as videos, pictures, or documents as long as the size of each file is less than 3 Megabytes.

If you already have filed a patent application and have a filing receipt from the Patent Office, please click the link below to log in and begin the online idea submission process.