Spice Rack

Difficulty: Beginner

Have your herbs and spices on display and in easy reach with our simple spice rack project.

An upcycled spice rack on a kitchen countertop.

What you’ll need

  • Small wooden crates
  • Wooden plank for supporting base
  • Glue
  • Varnish, wood stain or paint

Step-by-step instructions


Find some small wooden crates to use as your spice shelves. If your crates are a little large, don’t worry - you can create a jar rack instead!

A woman picks up small wooden crates for an upcycling project.
A woman cuts a wooden plank using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V 140mm Cordless Circular Saw.

Step 1

Cut the wooden plank to the same size as the long side of the crates. This will act as the supporting base for your spice rack.

Step 2

Sand down the crates and base to remove any existing stains or paint and create a smooth finish.

A small wooden crate being sanded using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V Mouse® Cordless Detail Sander.
A woman applies glue to a small wooden crate using the BLACK+DECKER® 3.6V Cordless Glue Gun.

Step 3

Glue together your crates and base.

Step 4

Varnish, stain or paint the spice rack in your preferred finish. We chose to highlight the grain of the wood with a natural stain, but you could use paint to match your kitchen cabinets or walls.

A woman wood stains an upcycling project.
A woman vacuums dirt from a hard floor using the BLACK+DECKER® 18V 4in1 Cordless POWERSERIES Extreme™ Vacuum Cleaner.

Step 5

Clean up your working area - our POWERSERIES™ cordless stick vacuum will make this a breeze!

Step 6

Enjoy your new spice rack!

A woman pours seasoning into a pot.